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Emma Smith: My Story movie download

Emma Smith: My Story movie

Download Emma Smith: My Story

Movie - Emma Smith: Mormon Woman In 2008, a movie entitled “Emma Smith: My Story” was released to the public. Emma Smith: My Story (2008) Before her death, Emma reflects on her life; beginning with her childhood, up through her final years in Nauvoo. Unlike past LDS historical films, where the focus is Joseph Smith or Bringham Young, this film is about Emma. Emma Smith: My Story | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies Emma Smith is the wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon faith. . and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society. Buy tickets and get maps to theaters on Watch Emma Smith: My Story online | Free | Hulu Watch Emma Smith: My Story free online. The movie was produced by the Joseph Smith Jr. Emma Smith: My Story: Createspace: Amazon Instant Video Synopsis: Her legacy is forever linked to that of her husband's, the Prophet Joseph Smith, But who really was Emma Hale Smith? Many years after the death of Joseph. Emma Smith: My Story -. Emma Smith: My Story By the side of the founder of a new faith was a woman of undeniable courage. Based on the life of Emma Hale Smith. Emma Smith: My Story (2008) - IMDb This film was wonderfully done with a great soundtrack. Near the end of Emma's life in 1879, her adopted daughter, Julia Murdock Smith

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